Help our hero find the crystal! He's not too smart... So make sure that he doesn't fall into the void.


You only need the mouse for this one.


- art, code -


- background music - 

Koichi Morita


Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Game Jam, Godot, Pixel Art


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Is there a way to skip the "three letter" part, or to use less than three letters?

Very good concept, except I almost broke my brain because I would go into a room where, in this example, you can only exit if you have a top right-side opening, and I would get everything but a right-side opening piece or I would get it but then I'd just need another one. 

Other than that, fantastic.

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RND is tough... Just like tetris but worse. Sorry you had some unfortunate luck. I'll try to handle it in the future.

This is such a cool concept.  I also lolled at getting called out "You can do better" 🤣

cute little polished game, unique idea. 5 stars

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I got soft locked o.o

The character keeps going up the platform, and never goes to the bottom path...


Try to replace the section on the left.

Love the concept and cozy bgm!

This game is pretty good, good job!


Fun little idea, not enough of the bottom pieces let you climb to another level though haha, kept getting stuck going back forth


This was a super fun little game!

One thing that might make it easier to maintain flow is if you could flip or rotate the suggested maps, that way you'd have access to a lot more options.

Real cool concept though, and it's nice watching the minimap fill out as you work toward the goal.

That's not a bad idea. I'll give it some thought.

Fun little concept. Very charming, too.

caraca, n tem nem como o meu ganhar essa jam

Muito bom cara gostei da criatividade

Esse é um dos meus jogos favoritos da Jam, está lindo demais e muito divertido. (tô torcendo por você haha

I like the idea! But I think you should make it so there is always a correct map available to fit with the existing ones, otherwise it takes you out of the game.

Also I had lots of fun finding out which player names aren't banned

There are a few but if I catch a new one, I can easily update the list.

I agree with you. I thought about making it... Then I thought that that is REALLY hard to make since you can have multiple strategies. Also, I remembered Tetris and I think that its important to embrase the randomness. Also... I was lazy to catalog everything.

Had a lot of fun playing Terramaker this morning, here in France.

It's slightly adictive, I really wanted to get that diamond on the minimap! :D Now very proud to be 4th in the highscores ^^

Thank you @securas for your excellent games!

Thank YOU for playing the game. Its what its all about! Hope you have a great time in France. Its a wonderful country.


Terramaker Gameplay


Nice! Thanks for checking out the game.


muito bom, a arte ta otima, mecanica legal, otimo jogo amigo!

Impec! Ainda bem que gostaste.


Awesome game, really engaging.

Awesome that you liked it!


Nossa, muito bom o seu jogo, parabéns! 

Muito obrigado!