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Oooh. The mechanic of the temple being a puzzle that unfolds its layers of complexity overtime, instead of the usual thing of "Here's Double Jump/Dash/etc, go wild" is really interesting!! Makes for a nice and concise bit of fun platforming where the way you get through becomes very clear after a couple failed attempts!! It's a fun puzzle game, in that sense. One thing I felt was somewhat unclear was the dart traps activating when you... move towards them, I believe? But other than that, every rule was more or less very clearly demonstrated and explained!! And, the dart trap thing is hardly a real problem, pff. 

AT ANY RATE, FUN GAME!!! The music and the visuals are also excellent, as an aside!! Very delightful to play through, in many ways. Thank you for making this!!

fantastic! feels really good to play.

please note: currently you have the windows zip marked as "for linux" and the linux zip marked as "for windows," making it impossible to play on the itch app.


Thanks for the warning. It should be fixed now.

yup, works well now!

after long time new stuff..
really you are a legend and cant wait to try it :) 

What a game man...


This was fantastic. I did not expect a boss fight. I felt like I was back in Celeste fighting Badeline (my favorite part of that game).


Really good game !

Great game 

PS: I tried speed running the game.

I got a time of 6min 22sec, try and beat that >:) 

That's a pretty good time indeed! But I have developer privileges so I can't compete.

Amazing well polished game! You made my day :)

Glad I did! That's what this is all about

very good game


Very good comment! Thanks!


Awesome! Playing this game gave me a very similar feeling to the joy (and momentary frustration) of playing celeste for the first time! I hope you continue making platformers because this is really cool!

great game. hope i can make something of this quality in the future

You got this




among us

I saw your game on Vimlark’s stream this past Saturday and was curious if you would be interested in an interview on my Twitch channel? I regularly interview indie devs about their Game Jam entries, and I’d love to hear the story behind Temple of Kashteki! Shoot me a DM on Discord if you’re interested; my username is;

Gabriel [BluishGreenPro]#5666

Thanks but I'm an idiot. You should check out real devs.

You made a game, therefore you are a real dev! : )
Consider it an open invitation if you ever feel like coming on the stream to talk about your experience creating this, or if you'd just like some feedback on this, or any future project

Did you sleep at all will making this?

Keep making good games!

Cheers! I did use some premade stuffs. There's a list on the game description.

amazing game , i like it
i dont have right words to describe but i would say its a clasic <3 

Can you make it to be downlaudable to ? 

Hi Securas, I'm Paolo, a Game Producer at I've been playing Temple of Kashteki and I'm enjoying it a lot (even if I'm not that good at it lol)! The movement feel is really spot on imo, and overall, it's a joy to play. 

Would you be interested in non-exclusive licensing? Our licenses are totally non-exclusive, so you would maintain all of the IP rights and could continue to develop and distribute Temple of Kashteki however you'd like. 

If you're interested and/or want to know more, please email me at Thanks!


Very Fun Little Game

I loved it

Really nice little game!

Great game, love the mechanics, top must!


Gosh, your games are so good. This one was particularly charming, and difficult in just the right way. Super cool mechanics. Clearly designed very intentionally with the player in mind. Awesome boss sequence at the end that ties everything together. Bravo. 10/10. 

If I had one critique, it would just be that the hitboxes on the powerups feel small, especially with the glow around them. Sometimes I'd miss them, even when I thought I was accurate. Not a huge deal though.

Anyway, I've been a die-hard fan of yours ever since I played your tribute game "A Super Short Hike." It was fun noticing some small recycled assets from that game in this one ;)


Thanks! There are a ton of reused items though I can't recall a specific one from a super short hike in particular, other than the character controller. In any case, there's a list of the main reused stuffs above, if you're interested.

Ah gotcha. The jump dust, sound, and I think semi-solid platforms looked familiar... either way, it's a key part of game jams, knowing where to exert effort (and where not to lol). 

brilliant !

feels very much like celeste

Mario... I'm thinking Mario without the control lag.


Nice game, but I got softlocked after moving into a new screen: 

Player got stuck here. Unsable to jump, move or reset :(

Sorry about that. I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Such a polished game, well done!

All of the things are excellent. The gameplay, the art, the control, the level design, the tutorial. 10/10!

honestly blown away by how amazing this is and in such a short amount of time!! The music, the graphics the mechanics everything is just so fun and well polished the boss chase at the end was so fun and stressful!! Good work guys!

Love the level design, well done !


great game! however i got stuck and theres no reset button :(

(1 edit)

Oh no… Sorry for that. It should not be possible to get stuck so it’s my bad. Where was it so that I can fix it?

In the third level after you get the pink orbs, you can get stuck in the middle section if you miss the jump to the left side to get the key.

Ah... Dang. It is totally true! I was supposed to fix it but forgot!

no worries. I like the fix! awesome game 5/5

Bravo! Great graphics and sound, great music, and most importantly great gameplay. The orbs invert the usually Metroidlike gaining new capabilities to adding those capabilities to the world. It was challenging, especially the short window for jumping after dashes and switching directions for jumps and teleports, but just challenging enough. (The tiny room with the yellow and pink orbs took several tries to get the timing right.) Thank you for the generous checkpoints in the final encounter.

Don't thank me for the checkpoints... Thank my wife/playtester... After two tries, she gave me "the look" and I implemented the checkpoints.

Hah! Then yes, thanks to your wife. Shows the importance of playtesting, even for jam games.

This is fantastic, the way the different orbs appear and alter the levels you've already been through is super cool! I can definitely tell this was inspired by Celeste lol, the jumping dust, the death animation, the transition, the key animation, etc

What a fantastic journey to escape the Temple of Kashteki. :)

thanks! I really appreciate it!

Amazing game!!! Congrats