A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

What sort of trouble can you get into in the forest?


Gamepad is strongly recommended


Securas : Art, Code, SFX and Design

Wondard : Music

Raindrinker : Playtesting and Design

Special thanks to Matejs from Rocknight Studios for playtesting the game live!

Install instructions

System Requirements

Operating Systems

Windows 64, Linux 64 or Mac OSX


GLES 3.0 Capable System

Chrome might complain about the .zip file after downloading. As far as we know, this is a false positive error due to lack of downloads. But if you find any real problem, please let us know!


SealedBit_Win64.zip 23 MB
SealedBite_MacOSX.zip 25 MB
SealedBite_x86_64.zip 25 MB


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great game. this makes me reconsider my biases against Godot


I have a question - why on Linux does this game have trouble maximising to full screen on multi-monitor setup (it spanned 2 monitors in a really wierd unusable way) but White Hearts, which I assume was released earlier, but instantly maximises to my primary monitor with no issue?  Was a different version of Godot used?


Probably... I never really tested in linux... Just trusted Godot's export.

hello there, I just tested full screen on linux. It went fine, I even got autotiling on. But the full screen always goes to the primary monitor regadless where it started. Which is also fine with me.

I love this, I've only got the first crystal so far, but boy does it seem like there's a lot of content in this metroidvania. I think it's frigging hilarious how it's stylised as a quaint little jaunt through the English woods, while little Red Riding Hood learns her bullet-time dash attack and grows wolf powers so she can cling to walls XD

EXTREMELY enjoyable, until the final boss, which was too tedious for me. All you had to do was play the fight (and die) enough times to memorize the moves you must do to win :( But overall a great little game that I will definitely recommend to my friends, nice work! :D

Another great platformer, thoroughly enjoyed playing it through.  Very high quality for a game jam - well done.

Awesome game, very well done

a fun game with great graphics and audio. very polished for a jam game. i'm not surprised it did so well in the jam. kudos!

32 version


Me encanto

If you are unsure, yes, just play the game!!

I loved the game mechanics, great soundtrack and funny story!! Nice job!

I loved the game so far !
I got 2 crystals, but the lava level is so visually glitched that it is sadly unplayable :

I am on Windows 10 64bits

I'm really sorry about that. Unfortunately, that seems to be an engine problem and there's not much I can do about it other than apologize for your pour experience with the game.

Damn. No worry, I'm just sad not to be able to finish it :P
Lovely game anyway !


If you have a little bit of time, can I trouble you into providing some more details about your PC? Configuration? GPU? Etc.?

Sure !
I'm using an Intel Core i7 7500U 2.7 GHz
What else do you need to know ?

Thanks! I assume that you are using an NVIDIA GPU? If so, are the drivers up to date?

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After I open the game nothing I do with either the mouse or keyboard seem to be able to start the game. I'm able to select the option, but not go inside :(
I'm on Windows 10
edit: nevermind, pressing space did it, time to have fun.

The MacOSX applications needs to have the executable bit set to be playable.

Unfortunately, I've had little availability to test the MacOSX export. Will do so as soon as possible. Thanks for reporting

Just tested it and it's working fine on my Mac. Can you describe your problem a little more?

When I download the MacOS zipfile and unpack in try to launch the application by rightclicking and choosing open. I get the included popup.

This is because the file "Sealed Bite" in Sealed Bite.app/Contents/MacOS/ folder doesn't have the executable bit set.

-rw-rw-r--@ 1 username  841819241  37580572 Nov 29 21:30 Sealed Bite

after setting it with chmod +x it works fine.

I can confirm the issue on macos 10.15.2. After chmod +x the Sealed Bite.app/Contents/MacOS/Sealed Bite I could run it.

Extremely amazing game btw! I had lots of frustration and fun :D great ending!

Thanks also for reporting. It is weird as I'm am able to run it without having to change the permissions on my mac. Nevertheless, I am still using Mojave 10.14.6, which may explain the issue.

how setup it by kali

how to play this game on linux??

All you need to do is download the zip file, unzip it (this command on CLI: gunzip SealedBite_x86_64.zip), and then run the executable in there: ./SealedBite.x86_64.

make sure the executable as the right permissions also

Awesome gameplay my dude!

Pretty fun and challenging gameplay. The final boss was a pain until I realized I could attack 3 times when they reached a certain point. Cute art and decent music as well! 


Great game with a great animations, soundtrack and gameplay, keep make it even great!
(Ta muito bom o jogo!)


I had a great time playing this tiny but brilliant jewel of a game.


Congrats on your result! Much deserved :)

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The game seems great, and the way you attack seems to be a lot of fun.

However, I say only "seems" because the game crashes for me right after I'm told to get the crystals. I bet it's a problem on my end, but I would have really liked to get to play the rest of it, since the few screens I did get through were pretty fun.


Nice game :D Found one bug while playing


ouch! That's one more for the post-jam fix... Thanks for posting!


Made a video


Watch Game Jam Feedback 2019-12-01 from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv

gracias por esta genial experiencia,es bastante divertido.

Obrigado por experimentares o jogo! Mais ainda por teres tirado o tempo para escrever um comentario.


Hi, I really enjoyed your game! I did a livestream of your game on my Twitch channel and I provided a review of the game at the end of the vod. There are a few issues with the game but in general I had an amazing time playing this game, the artstyle is probably my favorite part of the game. I can't wait to see what else you're going to release in the future. Here's the link. Take Care!


Thanks for checking out the game. Any comment is a good comment! Don't worry about being too harsh :)
All the best for your own gamedev endeavors.

Great game! I love the art style and I'm happy to have this as an example project for some future Godot project :). However I really couldn't beat the boss.. Maybe with a controller but dodging the lasers really seemed a bit to finicky and it was hard to see in which animation frames of the laser you actually could get hit.


Slow motion is required to beat the boss :)

Really? I did it without slowmo XD


It takes some time but beat the final boss nevertheless, would be better if there are some collectable items to increase the HP. Still a great game anyway!

Aren't you supposed to mention githubs repository? I know you shared the link on Godot reddit.


Check the submission page.

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Very great game! Had a little issue and broke in to a section I wasn't suppose to XD But here is my video while checking out your game Securas!

Watch Sealed Bite By Securas from Carbs on www.twitch.tv

WOW the greatest game made with Godot for the moment in my opinion ! :) Followed some of your development stream too.

Why the trailer is only 480p? 


the game is 135p

Hello, I loved the game. I have some considerations to make to help at work:

1 - Attack control is not working on either joystick or keyboard. (maybe I'll gain more power later in the game that allows me that, and I haven't gotten to that part yet)
2- I found that the character did not stand out in relation to the scenario, I speak in question the colors, the background colors are very close to the colors of both the character and the enemies. So that doesn't give me a sense of depth. This may be resolved by applying a lighting effect to the player and so on.
3- The same thing that happens in the previous topic happens here. In the thorns I did not have visual feedback because they seemed part of the scenario, I did not have the feeling that I was going to die and it impairs the game, makes him learn, but the feeling I had was not that it was my fault, understand? .

Not only that. Sorry if I was too boring getting your foot like that. But I really loved the game and I want the best for him, I'm already a fan. I loved the pixel art, I loved the soundtrack of the game. He is too beautiful, on a very high level. Ah the level design is fucking awesome too. That's it, hugs from your new fan, Luis.

I am playing now and i discovered the attack haha its amazing

This game rewards persistency

invalid upload? can't download.

Can you try again please?


I did and it worked sorry for not replying sooner passed out afterwards due to too much god damn homework anyways can't wait to have the free time to play your game it looks fun.

No problem! You got me worried there for a bit! Thanks for checking out the game!

Sorry about that also if you need a tester for Linux versions just ask. I use Arch BTW!

(Keeping the meme alive one comment at a time).

I'm having a visual glitch in this area, parts of the tileset are invisible

That is pretty weird. Which OS are you using?

64-bit Windows 10, Lenovo ThinkPad E480. I once had a similar glitch in Godot but it only happened in the editor. I remember reading that this game was made in Godot as well.

Dang... I cannot replicate this... I've never seen parts of the tilemap disappearing like that... I would get it if all the thing went away but just parts of it is beyond my understanding. 


This could help, however it seems like it doesn't work always. Having this problem in the editor was very annoying (it hasn't happened after I updated Godot). Anyway, I've enjoyed this game a lot so far!

Thanks but this does not seem to be a flickering issue.

Looks great!