A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A remake of Rex, 1988 game for the ZX Spectrum.

The original was published by Martech and authored by Jason Austin, Neil Dodwell, and David Dewl. This game was made for the Devtober Game Jam and includes a reimagining of the first level of Rex.


Securas: Art, Music, SFX, and Code

ExileCast: Title art


move: WASD or arrow keys

jump: SPACE or Z

shoot: J or X

shield: K or C


rex_devtober_win64.zip 21 MB
rex_devtober_linux64.zip 21 MB


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This game rocks!! Thanks for share 😁

Hey this looks awesome, any plan for a mac build?


Unfortunately, the new Mac security requirements make it pretty hard to achieve for me. Sorry about that.

Both art and music are amazing. Gameplay is solid and definitely retro like tough. Can't wait to beat it!


I think all your followers got an email notification about this :)

Not likely. Some did but not that many. The number of views is pretty small.


i got notified on the main page of itchio... 

but i'll wait :D