This sill a prototype! It has no end condition but at least has a boss...

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Made withGodot
Average sessionA few minutes

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why i can't hit anybody?

I got all the upgrades. Would just like to keep on playing if I had more stuff to unlock. I really like that the game rewards you for mastering the rolling mechanic. I got to a ponit where I do this when I enter a room: Check if there are flying pigs. If there are, roll to them and kill them in on hit. Next, are there orange slimes? If there are, roll and hit them once. Then hit blue slimes. Dodge orange slime projectile, hit orange. That was really fun.

So hard :(

Yep. I should work a little on balancing it :) Thanks for checking it out!

It would be nice ot have the slash on the left mouse button but the game overall is great!

Eh... I'll think about it. To me, using the mouse only for a button, without aiming is not intuitive though.

This is amazing! I love the pixelart and animation (OMG the pig)! Would be nice to be able to slash while moving and to have first 1-2 rooms very easy e.g. 1 enemy only instead of randomly finding 5 enemies at first room and dying instantly xD

Freaking flying pigs!!! Good game though.


Yeah... They are nasty. I'm working on balance to make it less devastating.


This is an awesome prototype and hope you continue working on it!

Thanks for checking it out.





The art is incredible as always! Love this style. The controls don't make me feel very powerful or in control. I can't slash while moving for example. That's probably a question of taste in the end. If go up of down and then stand still, the next slash is oriented left.

Sometimes I wonder if you'd be up for collabs? Please hit me if you want to discuss it :)


Thanks! Well.. I decided to prevent slashing and running at the same time due to laziness to the the segmented animations :)

Pretty fun, but there are some open rooms full of monsters that are a bit too hard I guess.

Its all procedural generation... So I have only limited control :) But thanks for checking it out!


always good to see a new Securas' game



really nice! 

Glad you enjoyed it