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A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Command swarms of drones against aliens.

Navigate through the battle arena accounting for planet gravity and obstacles whilst managing drone fuel and of course... Aliens!

Made for the #CGA JAM. The game is entirely original with the exception of the music, made by Juhani Junkala (Open Game Art)

Install instructions

Download, unzip and run


Download (24 MB)
Download (11 MB)
drone_commander_linux.tar.gz (15 MB)


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Linux build, please?

I don't have a machine to do it... Sorry... But I opened the source in GitHub so you can build it yourself with Godot GameEngine... If you do... Share it :)

If you installed the export templates, you do not need a Linux machine to build executables for it.

Cool! I've just done it but without testing.

There is no executable in the Linux download.


Oh man... Thanks for checking it out!
I got myself an old laptop... Installed linux mint... Built a linux version and tested it... It should work now.

Thanks! Works perfectly under Manjaro Linux. (Its an Arch-based distro.)