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Your games are all fantastic!

every one of them that i play it's just pure joy

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One of my favourite games on itch. I still play it regularly lol

Nice! Thanks!


This game is really cool!

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Not sure if I'm dumb or it's a glitch but I literally can't figure out how to get past the second screen. There is a platform blocking progress and I can't attack it, can't press down to go through it, tried jumping on it a dozen times, tried seeing if there was a jump-smash attack but there isn't, I've pressed literally every button dozens of times and nothing is happening, tried attacking the walls, climbing the axe all over, and nothing at all is happening.

Edit: Oh god, I had to hold down and then press jump. That's not very intuitive and should probably be mentioned somewhere that you can do that.

Yeah... Perhaps you're right but it is a pretty common mechanism to drop from platforms. Example games are Ori and the Blind Forest or the Will of the Wisps, Katana ZERO,  and many others.

Great game here. I'd love to see more like it.

I only can see a message saying "WebGL not available". What do I do?

Seems like your browser may be unable to support this game. You can perhaps try to use another browser.

thanks! Turns out I just had to update Chrome.

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