Help our hero destroy Dracula's power... Dracunite!

A little platformer made for the lowrezjam. The challenge was to incorporate the game within a 64x64 pixel canvas.


Securas : art, code, sfx

Quiji : Music


Controllers are supported.
AWSD or Arrow Keys
Space/Z to jump
J/X to slash
K/C to throw your axe

Updated 20 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
GenreAction, Platformer
Made withGodot
Tags2D, LOWREZJAM, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


Download 20 MB


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Any way to get the Windows version running in full screen?

This is great. Feel really smooth.

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Also, I don't know how to communicaty on this platform, so here's a video I mentioned on the stream, reacting when you mentioned star wars:

Star Paws intro

Omg I almost stuck here playing this, planning to try out the other stuff you made!

This is awesome! Well done. I missed the LRGJ2020, but I really want to make my first low rez game soon. Kudos!


Pretty impressive at all levels; visuals, audio & mechanics synergize excellently. The lowrezjam 2020 had to be truly amazing with entries of this caliber. My praise to dracunite's development staff.

In my opinion this is a great game. It's not too hard and not too easy, the animations for this carefully created platformer are great, especially the axe animations, though the goblins are the most annoying fucking thing, the enemies are made wonderfully. Overall this is no joke one of my favourite platformers. Good job.


great game with good control and the right amount of challenge. excellent work on art and music. congrats on 2nd place, kudos!

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I'm stuck at first platform. I tried down key (both s key and down arrow), jumped, tried to smash it, but nothing worked. What am I missing here?


As in many platformers, press down and jump.

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Thanks, I thought that I played so many games, It's odd that I never encountered that press down&jump mechanics.

Game is amazing, I especially loved the music and sfx. That's a factor which kept me playing despite of me dying so much. Sometimes I just waited and listened the music.

I liked the axe mechanics either, our hero has only 1 weapon but it's like he has 3 different ones.

Final 2 levels were cool, every level has it's own atmosphere, we never feel like we're just killing creeps in a hack&slash.

Only aspect I didn't like in this game is that we can't jump while running, I died a lot of times just because of that. But after I got used to it, that wasn't so much a big deal.

Great game!

Thanks! It should totally be possible to jump whilst running. I tested it extensively using keyboard or controllers so I'm not sure what could be wrong such that you're unable to do it.

I wish this game was longer and had more enemies

9/10 too short but perfect otherwise

Gamejam game... 2 weeks... I can only do so much...

Are you intended to expand this game to a commercial version?

Nope. I like it as it is :)

A really spectacular game!

Please make an android port

Love mechanics with axe.

It's pretty good.  I always have a soft spot for pixelated graphics and low-res games.  

Awesome game!  The pixel graphics are amazing, the gameplay is unique and fun, and the whole thing is just collectively well made!  I'd definitely give this a good rating if I was a part of this game jam.

Great mechanics, fun...

I cannot jump high enough to get out of the pit with the skeleton :(

try using the axe as a platform

I found this one after a little moment. If one day you add some levels, i am ready to play them. I really like the modern improvement for a game boy game with the axe throwing. I like this kind of polyvalent features.


Cute & fun.. who needs more than 64x64? :)

Top \o/

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Very good game. The axe is fun to use ! a back and forth with the axe on skeletons ! Yeah :-P

Very nice game, quite challenging without being too much difficult. love the axe throwing, it adds a lot.


I loved chucking my axe into a line of bats.