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This was pretty awesome, quick fun

feels good, looking forward to see more from you :)

The Game was good, but the controls were bit messy. When you press an arrow key then it goes in uniform direction but when you press two keys then it goes faster. is it Engine's fault?

Can you pull an issue on Godot's GitHub repository that system isn't recognizing game as foreground process and I think because of that Its going into sleep mode.

sleep mode happens when computer is idle then why is it happening when I'm playing a game. Is your game static cause that's the only  reason I know why this happens.

Cheers! Thanks for playing it. In response to your questions:
1. Controls are bad because of my crappy programming
2. You can pull the issue yourself. Beware that this was made on the now very very old 2.1.4 version.

I enjoy playing it, I really like this game :D


i love this developer game! Please make more games we like you


whoah it's the godot front page!


Great game! we need a full version *--*

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Awesome game, I really enjoyed playing it!  Also a plus it was made in Godot.

Amazing Game, a full game would be fantastic. the only. problem is that i would like to play this on a cheap laptop $100<$300. but all good if you cant/ or dont want to its still an amazing game

I liked the demo it's really fun. But are you willing to release a full version?


Thanks! And yes... we are seriously considering a full release.


Excellent demo. I had a lot of fun :)

Great to know that! Thanks for dropping in a comment!

Update: my nine-year-old daughter started playing this and didn't stop for days. She LOVES it, and she doesn't like anything remotely scary; my guess is that 'scary' is different to 'the empowering experience of butchering your cute enemies.'  : )

Really liked the game, reminded me of my childhood!

Cheers! Glad you liked it!


So, when is the full version coming out?

It might take a while but we're thinking about it.

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Trying to play in 3840x2160, with 200% scale setting in Windows...

Epic fail.

it's a known bug and I still had not time to squash it. Sorry for the trouble but thanks for checking out the game.

dbarr found a workaround this:



I really like the music!  Any chance of uploading a soundtrack video?

Gostei muito do seu jogo, Acho que não precisa mudar muita coisa pois esta muito bom,

 é bom morrer um pouco continue produzindo, ótimo jogo parabéns...


Kinda sucks, you cant look up and down to swing, only side to side so you constantly die to things coming from the top or bottom. You need to make it so you control the sword with the mouse and make it so you can look around and swing a full 360 degrees, and use WASD to move, only being able to swing two ways really ruins the game

Yeah... You're probably right. The original idea was that the player must keep moving constantly... Like in a side scrolling beat-em-up. But perhaps that just makes it too hard. Thanks for providing the feedback though. I may revise this in a later version.

Yeah I can see where you were going with that. The problem is that the game isn't just a side-scroller, You can move vertically too so you need to be able to swing that way. Other than that it was really good. If you can change that a little I think it will do well.

I actually thought that was a feature?? The flying enemies can't be got if you let them come at you from above, and similarly you can't let the little guys (my daughter calls them the 'bunnies') come at you low.

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Thanks for the comment. It was originally supposed to be a side scrolling beat-em-up... Something like this old game, streets of rage, where the main character practically only interacts horizontally. But then the backgrounds started to grow....

Exactly, and now I believe it's time to add the mouse to aim all around. I really truly believe it will be overall better. It works for the side scrolling game because it is a side-scroller. This game is no longer a side-scroller.


Please upload a linux version, also, why not an HTML5 version too.


hi! Thanks for the comment! I can't upload more versions on itch but I have a released Linux version on the GitHub page. Check it out from the link above. Unfortunately the game is too heavy for HTML due to my crappy programming.