A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Shoot everything!

You might need to use some keys and the mouse... Those are:

WASD + Mouse Left button


Art, Music, SFX and Programming:
Securas (@Securas2010)

Cover Art:
DBR (@player_dbr)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer, Shooter
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Arcade, Female Protagonist, Godot, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Robots, Twin Stick Shooter


crackshot_win64_postjam.zip 11 MB
crackshot_linux64_postjam.zip 12 MB
crackshot_macos_postjam.zip 25 MB

Install instructions

unzip and run


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Hello, playing the level where you are mounted on a moving box, I accidentally shot the switch after the mechanism started moving and was teleported into a wall, making me unable to continue the game.

I enjoy! :


Thank you!

Me encanto tu juego y gracias este en version linux <3

Aun me falta jugar con los demas

I have no idea how to reduce the size. It seems fun though!

This Looks pretty awesome. Just one thing. Can you use a controller or is it mouse only?

The controller support is not working yet. So for now it's only mouse and keyboard.

The screen is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too big.

check the executable hdpi setting

Me encanta. Sobre todo que esta programado con Godot Engine 

Esta genial me permitirías grabar algunos Gameplays?  "obviamente mostrando  tu pagina :)"

if I understand your castellano correctly... Sure! Knock yourself out

Thanks for the content...

Cool! Thanks for trying the game!

One of the best Godot games everr, love it!

for sure, you have not seen many... But thanks for the kind comment.

Hahaha, well, ok. But this game could be in the Godot showcase.

Very fun to play, I almost hit esc on the platform ride. I was expecting some kind of boss at the end but it's fine! Nice job!!


Hey Kanetsu! Thanks for checking it out and as always for the amazing persistence :)

I love this! The art, the controls, the gameplay, it's all good! :D

I was hoping you could make this open-source. Is that possible?

I've open the source a while ago. Enjoy:


Could you fix the link? nothing is working on the site for the open source

The code for this game is severely outdated. So I took it down and is no longer available. My bad for not removing the link. Check out a more up to date code with sealed bite.

Great little platformer, had some great fun playing it.

Absolute blast of a title. So much potential too. If you expanded this, added a jumpshot mechanic you could easily turn this into a top platformer in no time. Hell even as is I would pay for a full version. Nicely done. 

I have a life outside of gamedev... That life calls for me all too often.

I can only imagine it does. Sad too because I can see you have some real talent! :)

shucks... Now you got me embarrassed... Thanks for the kind words!

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I really like the game, it's short but fun to play, I like the arts and characters it's simple and cute.

I hope you don't mind if I upload my gameplay in youtube, I want to share it with my friends.

Keep Up the Good Work!  Lock and Loaded! xD

Thanks for trying out my little game. Appreciated!

awesome! it just lack a skill of mine

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He he he! That last part is a little bit challenging :) Thanks for giving it a shot!

Thanks for checking my video :D

Awesome game o/!

Partly due to your amazing art! Thanks again!!!


loved it 

Cheers! I really appreciate you making the video!

Deleted post

Cool! Thanks for posting!

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Have played about 20 mins at the moment, super fun and really good graphics! Gonna introduce it to my friends tomorrow. Thank you for such a fun game! Edit: finally finished it, the flying cart part had me raging so much haha, when I finally beat it I felt amazing. Thank you, great game, continue the awesome work.

Awesome! Glad you had a good time with it. That's what it's all about!

nice really fun

Really nice work, from artwork to movement.

So I went ahead and played the game for a few minutes and I really enjoyed it the pixel art was very nice and it had a good challenge to it.

Cheers! Glad you enjoyed it.

Very cool lil' game, loved your pixel art as always and had generally fun playing it. The puzzles are pretty simple but still entertaining, I think that the concept could be further developed to make more complex puzzles with more elements. One of the rare downsides would be the last level, at first you don't know what to do and that's... normal but then you try to develop a strategy or get through it by learning the the level structure. The issue is that there are no real reference points, so muscle memory is sought very slowly and you usually go for "spam bullets and hope this time you will get trough". Making it very quickly frustrating and boring. Otherwise the music, sounds and art are really amazing, keep it up!

Good point! I may try to add some visual references in a future version. Thanks for the comment!

Look's pretty cool, but its not running on my pc. I get an error message saying "Can't create An OpenGL 3.3 Rendering Context." Does someone have an idea how to get around this?

Unfortunately, this does require a relatively modern pc that supports OpenGL 3.3. Sorry about that but thanks for trying to run it anyway.

Hii, may I get a Linux build please?


Your wish is my command... Please find it in the downloads section.

Downloaded and consumed, thanks for supporting our small yet enlarging community.

Nice work! The shooting was fun, the puzzle aspects were more in-depth than I was expecting and, due to the projectiles, the combat was a lot more interesting than a lot of other hitscan based side-shooters. Coins were pretty pointless though. Detailed feedback in the vid!


Hi! Thanks for checking it out! I really appreciate all your comments and I'll revise the game accordingly.