A downloadable game for Windows

Our hero needs to get to the ARU (afterlife). But Anubis has some reasons not to allow that. Can you help him get there?

Made for the 76th Weekly Game Jam and used to test the shiny brand new Godot Engine 3.1 (alpha 4).

GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Made withGodot
Tags2D, godot, Pixel Art

Install instructions

Windows scaling might not like this game. It may be necessary to change the dpi scaling options of the game executable.


aru_post_jam_bug_fixes.zip 11 MB


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Another amazing game. I’m getting a little bit jealous :) This strongly reminded me of Rick Dangerous (the infamous Egypt stage), but I guess it’s also one of your references, seeing you made Daisy Dangerous :)

Controls are good as always, level design is interesting. Good job!

You're pretty close. Yep... Our hero is one of the Rick Dangerous baddies from level two but the real inspiration for this game is actually a much older game... Chuckie Egg, for the ZX Spectrum.

Screw you Anubis!!

There's a lot of potential in this! Nice job!!

Amazing game!

Looks amazing like a metroidvania lite xD!

Another fun project, really good work. :)