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My game turns black when I advance a level/screen

love it

Good game made with Godot !!!! I am still learning Godot , lol.

32 bits please :((

Very good!


Another great platformer Securas, I loved completing it.
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Finished the game, this game is so fricken slick, I love it! And I think it's hilarious how you can still fire your gun out of frustration after you die XD


ahem... it's a feature... not a bug

Grandioso juego, y gracias por hacerlo nativo para linux

Nifty game! 

I reallly liked the art style :)

Amazing game!

Amazing game! The cannon level at the end is a bit of an fps drop but I got past it. The whole game is just really smooth and brilliantly made. Keep going, and I hope you develop more levels for this game or make an official release. Would totally buy the game!

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It's a great game, design is amazing. I am also in same engine. Keep developing brother

Hi, great game, loved the lighting. One thing I am curious of as a developer in Godot myself is how you managed to change the icon of the executable? When I change the export icon it changes it in the taskbar but not the file itself.

It was a very good game I really enjoyed it.... BUT the game started lagging a bit at the at the level where all the bombs started falling down.

that was a good game, 

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mobile port?

Not a bad shout... I'll consider it.

Good job bro


Pls can i ask you, what engine did you use to make your game??


I use Godot


same, it's a great engine

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Hey, looks like an amazing game however whenever I launch it on my computer it just plays the background music and no visuals. Any idea on this bug? The game looks great though!

I've never seen such a bug. Which OS are you using... If Windows, do you have windows scaling On?

Yes I do have windows scaling turned on however the no visuals problem still persists (I'm using windows 10)

I've built this windowed version of the game. It should run on a small but resizeable window. Can you give it a go a see if it works?


Nope, Just a black window with music. If this is wasting your time then don't bother. I'm sure it's a great game!

Watch Jam Feeback - Weekly Game Jam 91/92 | !submit !queue from MrJoshuaMcLean on

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I know I'm late to the party, but damn, guys, this is amazing. Blew my expectations out of the water. Hard to believe it was made during a game jam. Well done!

If you don't mind, I've got a couple questions:

1. Did you use tilemaps here?

2. What did you use to create the wavy relfection at the bottom? Shader magic?

P.S.: Just checked your Twitter, says you've been a game dev. for only two years. Wow. I'm envious :)

Cheers! Appreciate the comment. Yes, I used a simple tilemap. And yes, I used shader magic for the reflection :)

I love the game feel.  Its an amazing project !.  (I had some problems with controls on keyboard, I felt a little uncomfortable.)

luv the concept of this game

Amazing project. Really loved the graphics. Planning to make this into a full game? As a fellow godot developer, always love to stumble across amazing games like these made on godot. 


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Thanks for the comment. I'll try to answer your questions one by one.
1. Where did I get the explosions
We made them.
2. How am I creating the glow
Moving lights
3. Sprite masks?
No... Lights
4.  How come the sprite change shape?
It does not... It just moves very quickly.

The game is not optimized at all... It's a game jam and there's often no time for those fancy stuff. I wish it was though :)

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What game engine did you use?

I used Godot


Very cool game. Really interesting aesthetic, feels like playing some kind of nightmare. Shooting feels good, although I think the platforming controls can be improved.

Only real problem is that I got to the bossfight and he got stuck on the edge of the map, and I can't kill him.

Other than that, I enjoyed what I played before I got to the bossfight, congrats on making this in just a week.


Thanks for playing the game! Unfortunately the boss has a tiny annoying bug that does not seem to happen very often. I'll fix it very soon! Sorry for the trouble.


Thanks man, and no need to be sorry. A few bugs are expected when you're on a time limit.


Watch Brackeys Game Jam #2 part 1 from Tiger_J on

it's always great to see your game plays. Thank you so much for doing this!

This game is great! The art is cute, the music is nice, the controls feel great, and I liked the progression! I haven't finished the game yet, but have gotten kinda decently far into it. 

I think I ask this on every game you post, but could you provide source code? Thanks!


Thanks for checking out my little games... again and again! I really appreciate it!

As for the source code... Nope. I will not release it for multiple reasons but the two most important ones are: 1. There's nothing new with regards to code that I've already released with other games, and 2. I used really poorly written code that should not be used as an example for anybody.

Ah, I see. I'll check those other projects out then.


I think perhaps the most interesting will be crackshot. The code is on github. I hope it helps.

I'll see if it still holds up in Godot 3.1 (or maybe my code is just terrible and 3.1's debugger hates me).

Thank you!

Gameplay - awesome .. feels juicy a lot
Art - cool , explosions and good choice of the color palate
Music - awesome
Jam Theme - Ahh.. you can just replace the name and the heart sprites and it will be the same.

This was basically a really good game, I will even say great. Good job :']

I loved u put a small knock back when shooting, It could have been used in various ways. Building on levels and ideas is great which i usually don't see in jam games.
Overall - 7 /10  for the jam but 9/10 if it wasn't for a theme.

Because I don't have that high end of a PC, the frame rate dropped a lot in the cannon level where u have to run past the canon fires, that's where I actually quit because of having no way around.
And one thing about that same level tho, u put spikes, get what I am saying? I don't want to criticize but why u put spikes in that level? They didn't even showed up in the past 3 levels and now suddenly spikes in a level which u  thought will be a high tension level ( i call them gauntlets ). Just saying, think about that design decision before u do that.

Ah man. Thank you so much for trying out the game and especially for taking the time to write such an extensive comment. I really appreciate the folks that get engaged enough to take their own time to do this and you went all out with an extensive view. There's really not much I can reply back other than apologize for the game performance drops. I really did not have time to care about optimizations during the week that I took to make this but I'll certainly try to look into making the game perform better in future versions. As for the theme, again, it's my bad for not making it clear. I wanted to make an action based game so... To run with the theme I made the hearts actually point out the difficult points on each level. I realize that it is not obvious but without the hearts the player would have much less information about what's going on. So when each heart is taken, the player is left with nothing but his memory to guide him. That, and of course, bullets. This encourages the player to think just a little before collecting the hearts in the sense that they actually make the player blind. Then I added the hearts chasing the player mechanics to mess it all up. This is to say that the theme is there... It's just not obvious.
Finally... the spikes... Ah... those spikes... I get your point and I had doubts about those myself. But the fact is that on that gauntlet I needed to stop the player at that point. Even if only for 0.2 seconds, the player needs to think for a split second and make a slightly less horizontal jump to overcome the obstacle. If not spikes, I would use enemies or something like that. Of course, not everyone is ok with that and I think that is your case. I hope that it didn't mess up your experience too badly though.

All in all, I truly appreciate those kind of comments. They help me make better and more satisfying games.

I had similar problems with spikes. I think that it wasn't a problem that those spikes were there. Problem was how you showed them to the player. I died like 4 or 5 times just because I didn't noticed that they are any spikes.

Hum... I wonder how can I make those spikes clearer... I'm thinking I can replace one of the water jumps with spike jump. This would make it evident that there are spikes in that level... What do you guys think?

Really LOVE the aesthetic you've got here. It's a lot of fun to play. My only complaint is that not one single button on my xbox one s controller is mapped to the shoot action, so I have to no way to shoot and play with the controller. 

I managed to jump my way through 2 levels, and then tried again with the keyboard and got through a couple more before getting stuck where there are three robots? enemies in a shaft that move left to right and kill me no matter how I time it.

Love the music and the art, and if you can fix the controller issue, I'd love to play more. :)

What???? Dang!!! I tested 3 different controllers (no Xbox though) and all worked well... Should be A to jump and X to fire... Sorry about all the trouble... I'll try to look into it though I don't own an Xbox controller.

If you could create a simple testing project for macOS that lets you test all the controller buttons, I could run it and then tell you which buttons my controller come up as

Xbox 360 Wireless Gamepad works on Windows if you want to know ;)

Thanks! I also tested my controllers on a mac and all were good.

Nice! Love the style ^^3