Pre-Alpha Demo

This is it... I finally launched something related to Daisy Dangerous. This should have been done a year ago but life stood in the way. But not this time... No... This time I actually managed to prepare a short demo. Also, to celebrate the 31st anniversary of the game that inspired everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) about this game I decided to try to replicate and adapt the first level of Rick Dangerous. So this alpha demo is actually the way that I remember Rick. With instant deaths, hidden traps and requiring a ton of patience and dedication to finish.

I really hope that you enjoy this demo.

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Jun 25, 2020 36 MB
Jun 25, 2020

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looks great!

Yep, plays just like Rick Dangerous :) Dying, over and over...

Is it possible to get the 2nd disk where the only path down to it appears to be blocked by the 3 swords trap?

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Its totally possible from either above or below. Throwing bombs is totally a thing and... Don't tell anyone but, two bombs can be better than one.

Ahhh. I get you. That's thinking outside the box :D

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Superb homage to rick dangerous.
This is one of the most slick and polished 2D games I've seen for quite a while.  I hope there will be more like this in the near future.

The only thing I can recommend is that there should be a metal clunk noise when you drop a bomb (and another sound when it rolls).  Other than that - perfect.

Incredible game, unforgiving but really fun. Great job here.

this is amazing. And the sound, its awesome. 

Just a suggestion, maybe Bullet and Bomb count could be numeric!

Thanks for the suggestion. I would certainly do it if it was allowed to have more than 6 of each. If I manage to introduce more weapons (I would really like a machine gun) then I might change it for a numeric counter :)