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Amazing game even in 2019 (almost 2020) But there was one little thing.. And that was that I fell through the map when i jumped onto a ladder next too a wall. I somehow fell through the map. But that's all thanks for the fun

amazing game, i love it and the artstyle (no donate button)

Cheers! Donations are not required. This is all for good fun!


So I went back and gave it another shot, and I am not disappointed, from the music to the great mechanics, took a while to get the final boss down, but we did it! :D conquered! and saved the realm! 

So I went back and gave it another shot, and I am not disappointed, from the music to the great mechanics, took a while to get the final boss down, but we did it! :D conquered! and saved the realm! 

I don't say this often, but this was a fun and charming game to play. Dificult though, especially when combined with alcohol.

That was hilarious!!! And you managed to break the game a bunch of times!!! I really have to sort out those bugs.

Ahhh Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! We enjoyed the game. Will likely do more episodes on it in the future.

Won't run, gives win32 error about missing directx component (win7 x86 sp1). What're the dependencies? for the godot engine.

This build is for windows 64. Are you running 32? AFIK, there are no dependencies.

64-bit windows is a dependency - might want to note that in the download section.

Good point! Will do.


I had a blast playing, got stuck, but after editing figured out what I had too, do might go for a second gameplay! considering the platforming aspect I will definitely play again, its such a fun game, the robots, the music everything, the colors as well! Water and everything else really stands out in this game! :D thank you for giving me the chance to play!

Made a video

Thanks for playing it!


I am so far behind with post production items. Here ya go! 

the thing on the wall... can it die?... i can't get passed... help (mac)

It cannot die but it can be passed... timing is key


Beautiful pixel art and animation, I loved the gameplay also, great job !

Thanks for checking it out!


Just finished the game and I have to say that it was short but intense ! Love the graphics too ! Can't wait for your next games :D


P.P.S. : Play as a banana was not funny :(

Awesome! Glad you liked it! And I'm sorry but bananas are part of life...

Small issue... if you're running past the top of a ladder and try to jump, Daisy decides to try climbing the last 1-2 visible rungs of the ladder instead.

Thanks for playing the game. Sorry... That's a known bug... Amongst others :) I'll try to fix it ASAP.

I've just uploaded an updated version that hopefully fixes this bug.


That was something really special. You mastered to give it a real retro spirit, not just thanks to the pixel art, but also because of the whole game design. I enjoyed the challenging parts and died several times, but it still was super fun! The meta moments were sometimes subtile, sometimes quite obvious - I liked the mix of that. :) A great entry, so I wrote a little article about it and made a gameplay video of it. <3 Thanks for your game, keep up the good work!

Best wishes,

Oh uau! Thanks for taking the time to check out Daisy Dangerous and for writing the article.

You're very welcome, securas! I'm looking forward to your future games. :)


Some challenging parts, overall, really nice work. :) 

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

Thanks for playing my little game! Most appreciated!


I had a blast palying this! Good Job!!

Thank you so much for playing it! Again... I really enjoyed your video and amazed at your patience!

When I start playing good games I simply can't stop! Keep it up!

Overall nice game! But I just can pass the arrow shooter... 

Is the meta element will be triggered by the number of death?

sorry to hear that. I guess I might have made it too hard but the arrow is really just the basics. It gets a lot harder later and  there's more meta than that though

I got the same problem there.  I managed to get past that point, but the difficulty really throws me back... 

You should make sure the difficulty is adequate for most of the players. Because if you're the one testing the game, it'll always seem easier to you than it really is.

I hope you can fix this somehow :)

I've done it! I've castrated my game... Now it's gone from a raging tiger to a fat pussy cat. All for you guys. Please enjoy.

Hahaha!! Great!

Hi there, fun little game. Congrats :D... I discovered a little bug by accident, if you press "down" as soon as you finish climbing an stair, you will enter into what I'm naming "horizontal flying mode" xd.


Thanks for checking it out! That's actually a pretty serious bug since some of the puzzles depend on ducking right after stairs... I'll squash it after the Jam. Thanks again!

Hi! The latest version should have fixed that bug... hopefully...

I'm keen!

Oh dear... I hope you won't get disappointed...