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Hey, like this game, it was a very fun expirience :D

gracias por el soporte a linux, funciono perfecto en mi distro xubuntu 20.04 lts, en mi maquina con windows no funciono debido a que debo actualizar mis drivers de opengl jajaja, linux corre mejor el opengl

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Great Game! It's probably the best indie platformer I have ever played!

I made a video on it: 

Thanks for the content! Don't feel pressure to watch the video. lylyly

Cheers! I must say though... You must not have played many indie platformers hehehe.

Awesome little game. Took me a while to finish it.

Sorry if it took too long. It's designed to finish in 7~8 days but it may take longer with some bad luck of the dice.

Great game!


Thanks for checking it out!


I always wonder how do you put out games so frequently and with such polish


I'm actually a highly efficient mutant ninja alien gamedev.

Bunny Eats is a nice platformer to spend time with!


Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for making the video!


it's a lovely game, but can you please make it so that esc doesn't end the game? I'm used to pressing esc to get out of any menu in other games and here I keep pressing it when on the phone screen. It should at least ask me if I want to exit or not.


I've got you!


wow that was quick, thanks

Super polished, fun little game.  Good job!

wow. excellent game!!!!

This is great! The graphics are so cute and I love that there are different areas in the game :)

Cheers! I was a bit lazy to make multiple stages so ahem... placed them all in the same :)

This is sooo cool :) I Love this one. Thanks for this gem.

Thanks! Most appreciated!